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I don’t see this taking off anytime soon. Just ask Google, I mean people loose cell phones all the time and let’s be honest a PIN number on a cell phone is no safer than leaving your keys in your front door. Ill take plastic please!

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The mobile carrier payment platform Isis launched Monday in Austin, Texas and Salt Lake City, Utah; and it works pretty much as advertised. After a lousy initial experience with the service when my phone wasn’t supported and I couldn’t even find merchants who knew about the program or accepted Isis, I scored a review phone from Isis and Verizon so I could purchase my coffees and gas with nary a wallet.

Right now a scant 11 phones are supporting the Isis program, which requires a special SIM card in the phone and an NFC chip. To activate the service, a user must go into the store to get an Isis SIM card and must also download the Isis app. It’s pretty painless. After selecting a PIN you have an option of choosing to link a credit card or use a pre-paid option that you top up using a credit card…

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Houston VIP Taxi provides clean, comfortable and upscale transportation to all Houston area airports, cruise terminals and all of Houston Texas 24/7 Call us at 281-616-5838 Meter and Hourly Rates Service in Houston, Texas.As the Chief Operations Officer of Houston VIP Taxi it is my duty and honor to provide you the all the information to understand Who we are, What it is we offer and Why we choose to give you a behind the scenes look into our day to day operations.
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