Houston VIP Taxi was founded in 2009 by Kristin Simpson & Mor Lo. Together the dymanic duo has over 15 years of experience.

Houston VIP Taxi is a five year old company. Houston VIP Taxi has over 200 Independent contractors throughout Texas. We are currently doing business in fourteen different states. Just to name a few Florida, New York, Georgia, North Carolina, and California.

We Have tens of thousands satisfied clients all over the world and because of their satisfaction they actually refer business to us on a monthly basis. We are currently debt free. We’ve been in a number of different publications.

Mor Lo extensive background as taxi cab driver begin as he was looking for a job that would allow him to continue schooling as well as afford the out of pocket cost of going to the University Of  Houston. Mor went on to Graduate, But found that his calling wasn’t actually Process Technology engineering, He really enjoyed making his customers  feel comfortable from the time they got into to the cab until the time they exited the cab. Mor worked as a cab driver for 5 years before deciding to create his own company. Pairing with Kristin Simpson Business skills they began to create a dynasty.

Kristin Simpson begin her career early at 13 she was attending Small business Administration seminars every chance she got. By the time she was 16 years old Kristin had start her first business she rented mature novels that her older sister would buy at the local book store to kids at her high school by the end of the school year Kristin would rake in 30,000 dollars. Fast forward this dynamic duo has taken the Taxi Transportation industry by storm.


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